Race, Racism, And Your Children

Priscilla Dames
Last Update August 12, 2021
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About This Course

By the time children are ten years of age, their perceptions of race and racism have been formed. Too, by this age, your child has already experienced some form of discrimination at least as a bystander.

As they become older, these perceptions may be reinforced. Not talking about race and racism early causes the children to fill in the gaps coming to harmful and problematic inaccurate conclusions. As youth have become more actively involved with race injustices and other social issues today, you want to be able to applaud their choices.

Your Child and Racism assists you when having this sensitive conversation and throughout times when guidance is needed.

Race, Racism, and Your Children Include 4 Modules:

What you will learn:

Module 1

  • America’s basic principles
  • Where you are on the race continuum
  •  What are blind spots
  •  Debunked race-based myths
  • How to face your biases
  •  Groups that have been discriminated against historically
  • The costs of racism to America/ The impact of institutional racism

Module 2.

  • The impact of George Floyd’s death
  • Why racial protests continue
  • The national and global impact of police brutality
  • The types of allies
  • How to support the child activist

Module 3.

  • The call for being aware is rooted in history
  • Covert vs overt racism
  • Verbiage used in covert racism
  • Racism’s tip of the iceberg

Module 4.

  • The prevalence of ‘The Talk’
  • What should be included in ‘The Talk’
  • The effect of being silent about racism
  • Strategies on how to approach race with your child
  • Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness  Racism: Racism in America
  • I Can’t Breathe: Youth Activism & Allies
  • Stay Woke: The Language of Racism
  • The Talk: Conversations on Racism with Your Children

This interactive master course provides multiple learning modalities. They are video, charts and graphics, case studies, lectures, and comedy.

Learning Objectives

Provides strategies on how to approach the conversation with your child
Enhances positive experiences with others
Helps to eliminate racial barriers
​Aids in assisting with facing your own biases
​Provides an open discussion on a sensitive topic
Provides social interaction with peers
Helps to debunk racial prejudices
​Provides a safe space for questions
​Enhance your understanding of race, racism, and its barriers
​Helps you become the model for your child
Provides materials and resources
​Provides opportunities to be the change in your community or our society


4 Lessons2h 50m 48s

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Racism

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Racism – Video Lesson00:38:40
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Racism – Quiz

I Can’t Breathe >>>>> Youth Activism

Stay Woke: The Language of Racism

The Talk: The Conversation on Race with Your Child

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