Wingspan Academy FAQ

Wingspan Academy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Each course lists the benefits or a description.

Course attendees may be able to reach the instructor via the instructor’s email found on the instructors’ page. We like feedback. Please complete the form above with any questions or comments. Instructors are highlighted during dialogs. 

The course is pre-recorded and self-paced.

Most of them are. However, many of the courses are applicable for any adult. Check the objectives or benefits to help garner your interest.

The courses are delivered digitally. There is a live roundtable discussion that kicks off each course. We welcome you to participate.

The instructors understand there are many modalities of learning. The courses include power points, case studies, video, graphs, lecture, and music. The master courses include a review at the beginning of each module.

Since the course is self-paced, after the problem is addressed, you may return to the course wherever you stopped.

Since the classes are self-paced, the time needed to complete the selected course is up to you. It is suggested that each webinar will take 15-60 minutes. Master courses have multiple modules and thus, take longer. Plan for 15-60 minutes per module.