Conflict In The Work Place

Complexity of values, overlapping of identity groups plus gender, culture and age are all factors that determine one’s outlook and reaction to conflict. This workshop will enhance the participants’ capacity to diagnose conflict styles and effectively use conflict resolution techniques to achieve their goals and make the workplace environment safer and more fulfilling. Through the exploration of problem-solving, participants will practice reflective listening, chunking and creating standards to generate and evaluate options.

Mediation As A Team Building Tool

This interactive workshop defines, describes and addresses the impact of bullying. The short and long term social and psychological effects on the bully and victim on a violence continuum will be used to expand current efforts in bullying prevention.

Teamwork is enhanced with a broader awareness of our potential differences and strengths. An understanding of these variables provides a foundation for knowing which type of approach can best be used to settle disputes. This workshop will introduce mediation and deliver a set of tools to enhance teamwork, improve communication and increase cooperation at all levels in the workplace. This “user friendly” approach to mediation will provide participants with a powerful intervention process and skills that can help employees and co-workers move towards mutual agreement and work together more productively.

Mind Body Medicine

Proven comprehensive wellness program teaches scientifically-proven techniques for daily stress and trauma relief. The program recognizes and demonstrates the role of emotions, movement, exercise and breathing while building community support. The Center of Mind-Body Medicine’s program (CMBM) was founded by Dr. Jim Gordon. It has been used in Gaza, Israel, post Katrina in New Orleans, post 9/11 in New York and with US veterans.

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

While the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion (D, E &I) isn’t new, 2020 was a wake-up call for companies to reexamine their inclusion initiatives. Advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever before. Consumers are taking their business to companies with a proven commitment to D&I. A growing number of laws and requirements are being enacted to support greater diversity in the workplace.

Youth LGBTQ+ Issues

Youth LGBTQ+ issues have been a strong point of Wingspan’s offerings/services. From the home to school to churches and synagogues, LGBTQ youth has been targeting to the point that one third of youth suicides have been from this one community. Priscilla Dames has become/been a lead trainer on these issues.


Bullying whether by an adult or school children is a common phenomenal that too many have accepted. Wingspan Seminars’ trainers cover the negative effects of bullying on an individual’s mental and physical health but also provides ways it effects the bystander (s) and how authorities should combat this problem.