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Priscilla Dames – MIA

I have been MIA recently. Good things are happening, and they have kept me so busy. I’ve been contracted to facilitate a series of training courses. The first is Conflict Resolution: Managing Differences in the Workplace.  I shared additional topics with the …


Passing Of DeAnne Connolly Graham

My very good friend, DeAnne Connolly Graham, died recently. I have been asked to lead her recently named DeAnne Connolly Graham Foundation. She was the Chairwoman of Ayuda, a non-profit organization for children. I’ve decided to accept the position. The mission of …

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Intentional Challenge

I began planning for the Intentional Challenge last year. It began in January with an online community with the members challenging themselves in the areas of health, business or something personal e.g. building relationships, but most of all it had to be …

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My Alaskan Cruise

I recently returned from one of my most exciting adventures! I do not know if it beats out trips to Africa for top of the list. However, it proffered so many experiences in one vacation, my long overdue, interrupted by Covid Alaskan …

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Ignite Conference

I was asked to speak at the Ignite Conference. Rather than presenting on conflict resolution or a relative topic, I was asked to speak on my successful transformation journey. My title is, Intentional Transformation. Learn more about The Ignite Conference …