How to Make a More Contented Family

Diane Hayes
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About This Course

How to Create a More Contented Family, encourages parents to embrace their current family lifestyle. It matters not if you like or dislike your family lifestyle.

You must start where you are to make small intentional changes, to create the family dynamic that you can embrace.

What you will learn:

  • How to be intentional
  • How stopping, looking and listening effects the family


Daine Hayes

Hi, I’m Diane Hayes, artist, teacher, and healer. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, many years ago to become a teacher. After five years of teaching, I realized teaching was my passion, but sadly I was disillusioned by all the social issues that came with the job. I then started a graphic design company and gave birth to twin boys as a single mother. In the age of Murphy Brown, the 80’s TV show, women were told they could literally do it all – make babies, bake bread and run their own business. While this is very true, they forgot to let us know it takes a huge toll on the body, mind, and soul. This I learned all too well in the early ’90s when my world came crashing down. That very expensive and painful crash turned out to be a gift in disguise. It’s true; out of our deepest pain comes clarity if we are willing to experience it. 

Long story short, after seeking medical attention with no positive outcome. I ended up at a Reiki session of which I was very skeptical, as to its ability to even out my scattered, racked emotional state. Fortunately, for me, two minutes after the start of my first attunement, I felt as if the left side of my head split open and a brilliant pink light poured into my head. I grabbed my head and fell to the floor weeping uncontrollably. When I was able to speak again, my feeling was utter joy, I had no words to express the experience, but a deep longing to return to it. I had just had my first and most profound spiritual opening. Needless to say my Reiki practitioner was equally affected never having experienced such an immediate response. My pink light opening was the beginning of 25 years of maturing into one who is profoundly connected to the clarity of all there is the Spirit of God. 

In 2008, I graduated from Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Master’s degree in Applied Healing Arts. Today I am a healing presence in all that I do. When I am painting, cooking, planning parties or gardening. Life is a creative adventure when you live with balance, harmony, and personal control.


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How to Make a More Contented Family

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