Reflective Listening & Conflict Resolution Bundle

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About This Course

Includes the following 3 courses:

  • Conflict Resolution & Parenting
  • Conflict Resolution Skills You Should Know
  • Reflective Listening


Conflict Resolution & Parenting  |  Duration 41:01

Conflict is normal, including between family members. During this course, parents learn strategies and techniques to improve their home environment and relationships with their children.  Parents also learn the importance of modeling and that the development of the relationship between family members takes time but is most important.  Activities for parents and children are included.

Conflict Resolution Skills You Should Know  |  Duration 30:37

This course details the basic components of conflict resolution.  It also helps the learner understand those relative skills important to resolve conflict. The course includes community building in the home, triggers, anger management, problem-solving, and how emotional intelligence plays a role. There are practice and coaching activities for parents and youth.

Reflective Listening  |  Duration  9:32

Shh…Just Listen says it well. Listening is one of the most important communication skills.  Youth often let parents know that they are not listening; and often they are not, not really.  Lack of communication continues to be one of the major problems in families today.

Reflective listening is a technique that focuses on the speaker and helps the listener ensure the content is heard and understood. It also assists the listener with understanding the speaker’s feelings involved with the conflict or situation.


3 Lessons1h 21m 9s

Reflective Listening & Conflict Resolution Bundle

Reflective Listening9:32
Conflict Resolution & Parenting41:02
Conflict Resolution Skills You Should Know30:37

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