Wingspan Academy Prepares to Soar Following Successful Launch

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Wingspan Academy Prepares to Soar Following Successful Launch

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused elevated levels of stress and conflict within our households, leaving parents and partners alike struggling to connect with their children and spouses. In an effort to combat this issue, Priscilla Dames’ launched Wingspan Academy, an online program that offers solution-oriented courses aimed towards parents but usable by anyone. The official launch took place on February 4th, 2021 and we got a first look at some of the courses being offered, as well as the opportunity to hear from a few of the class instructors.

Wingspan Academy will offer a variety of courses to fit the evolving needs of parents and those looking to expand their knowledge during these unprecedented times. Ranging in their topics, the classes touch on subjects such as racism, grief, and self-love to digital marketing, negotiation, and student education. Classes are taught by instructors who are certified experts in their field of work, including Priscilla Dames herself who is teaching a course entitled “Race, Racism and Your Children.” Dames not only possesses over 40 years of conflict resolution experience, she was selected by the Anti-Defamation League to receive training as a facilitator/consultant and was sent to racially tense situations throughout Florida on their behalf.

One course, in particular, is coming just in time for those mourning loved ones during the pandemic. Entitled, “Death and Grieving is Part of Life,” this class is taught by Marietta Castellanos, MD. Dr. Castellanos is an adult psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience treating ADHD, major depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, bipolar disorders and psychosis. Another featured course is named, “Secrets of Success (SOS) for K-5 Students and Their Parents” and is being taught by Dr. Roger Harris, retired Superintendent at Boston Renaissance Charter Public School.  He has devoted 42 years working in K-12 schools and universities in greater Boston, working in traditional public and charter public high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools as a classroom teacher, athletic coach, mentor, dean, assistant headmaster, principal, and superintendent, earning national and international recognition as an outstanding educator.

While many of the courses are geared towards parents, some courses offered are beneficial to all people looking to adapt to the virtual world. Take for example the course entitled, “Introduction to Digital Marketing” taught by Millissa Jayne, social media trainer. With our online social presence replacing our in-person meetings, Jayne offers guidance and support for those looking to improve their digital skillset. An invaluable skill in these times, Jayne offers her expertise to help individuals become more tech-savvy and effectively use social media and digital tools to help market their business, in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment.

Miami-Dade Public School Board Member, Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall has endorsed Wingspan Academy saying,” “Anyone that knows me understands my unrelenting support for children and parents. As I have examined the activities Priscilla Dames has engaged in during this pandemic that has resulted in Wingspan Academy, I know that efforts have been sincere regarding assisting parents. Priscilla Dames’ background as a caring educator, parent, trainer, and community leader is evidenced in this endeavor’s composition. I cannot wait to see all the good that comes from Wingspan Academy. Therefore, I am endorsing Wingspan Academy.”

Wingspan Academy opens its virtual doors to students on Monday, February 22, 2021, where people may sign up for courses at a reduced launch rate. If you or someone you know could benefit from the courses mentioned, kindly visit Wingspan Academy’s website. If you would like to be more involved as an affiliate member or course instructor, click the “Academic Opportunities” button below.

Priscilla B. Dames is a nationally Certified Crisis Trainer, Conflict Resolution Practitioner, Educator, and Community Activist with over thirty years of rich and varied experience in South Florida and internationally. She was selected by the Anti-Defamation League to receive training as a Facilitator/ Consultant and was sent to racially tense situations throughout Florida on their behalf.

Ms. Dames is the Founder and President of Wingspan Seminars, LLC, whose mission is based on conflict resolution and provides seminars focusing on creating safe environments while strengthening relationships. Her current quests and topics of interest include launching Wingspan Academy and supporting women business owners as the Past Chairperson of the Women’s Business Council, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce. as she encourages women to spread their wings. Priscilla is releasing her latest book, 99 Conflicts to Avoid during Women’s History Month, 2021.