Wingspan Academy Calms Conflict Amid Pandemic


Wingspan Academy Calms Conflict Amid Pandemic

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in numerous employee layoffs, school closures, and work-from-home requests. As a result, increased stress, loss of income, and social isolation have left innumerable children and adults vulnerable to escalated rates of abuse, neglect, and disconnection. Priscilla Dames – the founder of Wingspan Seminars, is using her 40 years of expertise to combat this unfortunate consequence of being confined to our homes. Dames’ is launching a new component to her conflict resolution business entitled Wingspan Academy, an online program that offers solution-oriented courses aimed specifically towards parents.

Wingspan Seminars, which was launched by Dames in 2005, is a conflict management company that helps to create positive environments by providing customized, professionally-made presentations. The mission of her company is to provide solution training that focuses on strengthening relationships through understanding diversity and self-development. With Dames’ decision to expand these services with the addition of Wingspan Academy classes, she was very particular in the selection of her target audience. “When I thought about who is most in need right now, and who would benefit the most from the courses – my mind immediately went to parents,” Dames said.

Priscilla Dames has made conflict resolution the center point of her career, having been a teacher at the primary through university level before ending her career as a full-time trainer for Miami-Dade County Schools. She worked as a Safe Schools Specialist, whose primary responsibility was training parents, faculty, and community partners in conflict resolution, bullying, and relative topics such as crisis response. Dames’ has been assisting followers of her social media and blogs with her Covid-19 series: Tips, Resolutions & Resources, since April of 2020, after noting the effect of the pandemic on household relationships. Her Covid-19 Series focused on issues with the self, spouse, other adults living in the home, and children.

Wingspan Academy’s launch is attracting support from all members of the community, most notable being an endorsement from Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindingall, former Vice-Chair of the Miami-Dade School Board, and former Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives. Dr. Bendross Mindingall stated,

“Anyone that knows me understands my unrelenting support for children and parents. As I have examined the activities Priscilla Dames has engaged in during this pandemic that has resulted in Wingspan Academy, I know that efforts have been sincere regarding assisting parents. Priscilla Dames’ background as a caring educator, parent, trainer, and community leader is evidenced in this endeavor’s composition. I cannot wait to see all the good that comes from Wingspan Academy. Therefore, I am endorsing Wingspan Academy.”

Wingspan Academy’s official launch is scheduled for February 4th, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST. .If you are interested in being a part of this momentous occasion, kindly RSVP to the launch event using the following link: